Pluviophille is a short but gorgeous walking simulator that takes you on a ~45 minutes stroll through an autumnal forest setting. Each world built by Tonguç Bodur it’s unique in its beauty, but in Pluviophile the author outdid himself and created a truly stunning environment, in which the lush and vibrant visuals blend perfectly with poetry snippets by Madison Julius Cawein. These convey a romantic and nostalgic feeling which is also enhanced by the delicate rain that accompanies the player’s journey.

In comparison to his other titles, Pluviophille does not have any audible narrative, but the lovely music makes up for it and actually intensifies the mood better than having read-out lyrics. The game is structured in 3 chapters consisting of a few very short segments, each of these ending with a poetry snippet. The path to the next segment is locked until you find a magical flower that you need to deposit on a stone altar. It’s actually a straightforward walking simulator, without the possibility of getting lost (making it very easy to progress through the world).

For a dollar, you will most likely not find a more beautiful game that also manages to leave a mark on you after you have played it.

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