Omno: Prologue

Omno: Prologue

If you have 15-20 minutes to spare, do yourself a small favor and play this little gem – you won’t regret it. The prologue, even short as it is, anticipates the magnificence of what the final product will likely turn out to be and is in itself a gorgeous standalone first-person adventure meant to showcase some of the main mechanics of the full Omno game.

Even from the first seconds, you’ll be pulled into a splendid world of astonishing creatures. Fantastic beings roaming around undisturbed by your own presence, various life forms emitting cute sounds – from small, rock-like critters to big, dinosaur-like beasts, waiting for you to meet and explore them. The environment, the chimes and the color palette instantly place you into a meditative mood.

While exploring, you’ll encounter some very casual platforming bits – the game certainly doesn’t want to break the relaxed mood by challenging you to do finicky jumps and death runs. You will be able to jump, climb rocks and dash. Later in the game you will also be able to teleport by focusing on the target destination.

The puzzles keep it pretty simple as well: harness the energy around you from rocks and light orbs that drop on the floor from the animals, and when you have gathered enough, use it in order to activate a couple of mechanisms; these will open the exploration towards further heights.

I will let you discover the rest by yourself, but please keep in mind not to skip the extra sequence after the ending logo – you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

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