Hidden Objects – Sleeping Beauty – Puzzle Fairy Tales

Hidden Objects – Sleeping Beauty – Puzzle Fairy Tales

I love HOGs that are based on fairytales and while other titles either deliver their own interpretation of one of the well-known childhood tales, or on the contrary tell a brand new story, Hidden Objects – Sleeping Beauty – Puzzle Fairy Tales prefers a more mature-oriented approach. The game focuses on Princess Aurora’s thoughts and dreams during the deep sleep she fell into after she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle. It’s partially a meditative take, partially a philosophical rant delivered in short bursts, a few sentences at a time, in between levels.

The game follows otherwise the classic formula of any Crisp App Studio title: easy and enjoyable hidden object scenes, mixed with spot-the-differences and tile-swapping jigsaw puzzles.

Compared to their other games, Hidden Objects – Sleeping Beauty – Puzzle Fairy Tales seems to have a more balanced amount of puzzles – for each hidden object scene there is one additional spot-the-differences level and another jigsaw one, both of these being based on a section of the HO scene previously solved. There are 45 levels in total, of which only 10 HO levels are needed for achievements, although completing some of the additional levels will be required in order to unlock them.

I personally liked the scenery more than in the majority of their other titles – Hidden Objects – Sleeping Beauty – Puzzle Fairy Tales features a lot of nature-based scenes, with all sorts of fantastic / mythical elements, but also lavish castle rooms or fancy gardens and the music is also very soothing. It’s still a very short game (around 1-2h for full completion, and around half of this time for 100% achievements) but perhaps a slightly better buy than their other titles at the same price, due to the afore-mentioned reasons.

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