Ghost Party Nyanbaba

Ghost Party Nyanbaba

怕不怕趴喵霸霸 Ghost Party Nyanbaba is not exactly a hidden object game in the true sense of the term. It’s more of a “find the inconsistencies in the scene” kind of gameplay, rather than identifying items from a list. In fact, you will have to spot these irregularities without any kind of list of items / shapes / silhouettes since nothing like that is provided.

Each level has 20 possible inconsistencies, of which 10 randomly generated ones will appear when you start the level. Some of them are quite easy to spot (for example an extra leg on the chair, or some other object that is completely misplaced and does not fit the context of the scene), but others are pretty hard to see (a curly whisker of a cat instead of a straight one, a brick in the wall that has a small detail that differentiates it from all the others, etc). There is no hint button that can help you identify them, but considering that a level will have to be replayed several times anyway until the game generates all 20 inconsistencies, you will quickly learn to spot the differences between two sequential playthroughs of the same level, and thus recognizing the dissimilarities.

After you have discovered all 20 inconsistencies in a level and therefore obtained a 100% score, a second stage is unlocked, which basically consists in replaying the same scene, but with all 20 differences visible at the same time.

The levels are timed, and there is a 3 seconds penalty for misclicking. However, the objects discovered in a level will be counted towards the overall completion of the level even if the timer runs out before you manage to identify all 10.

Achievements are awarded for reaching 100% score in all levels, completing all bonus stages that are unlocked afterwards but also for running out of time in each level. Additionally, there are two hidden achievements related to using certain “cheat codes”.

The strongest point of the game is clearly the adorable art. Each level is carefully hand-drawn and the objects to find are blended so well into the background that they look naturally as part of the scene. A cute anime girl also shows up at the end of a failed level, and the music is also pretty nice.

The asking price of $2 seems quite decent for such a colorful, cute and relaxing game. It’s not a very long one though (it contains only 10 levels) but it can provide 30-60 mins of fun for both children and adults alike.

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