Sweet Collector

Sweet Collector

Sweet Collector is an adorably cute puzzle game in which you are tasked to arrange a set of given shapes on a grid, with the condition that in the end no spot remains uncovered and no piece is left behind. It’s basically the same gameplay as Cats Organized Neatly / Dogs Organized Neatly (which belong to a different developer), but this time the cats and dogs are replaced with mouth watering cakes and sweets.

Each new piece is presented with a short and hilarious text at the beginning of the level when you first encounter it, and is then unlocked into a collection that can be accessed from the main menu. All the drawings are very sweet and the pieces all have unique animations while being idle, or when they are picked up / dropped.

You don’t have to be a genius to complete the game, but I’d say that the difficulty ramps up steeply starting as low as level 12-13. As you progress through the game, the grid becomes bigger, the pieces also grow in size and take weirder, longer or bulkier shapes, making their placement a more complex process. Finding a solution is most of the time a matter of trial and error – after all, it’s a “find-the-developer’s-solution” kind of game, and there’s close to 0 logic involved. Also, the grids are not designed in a way that lets you eliminate most of the incorrect placement possibilities.

The game runs and plays fairly well, but if I were to complain about something that would be the interface. When you start a level, the pieces are scattered around the grid, and for smaller resolutions it can happen that one piece is positioned by default too far out and thus not displayed on the screen any more, making it inaccessible. The grid also has quite a big area in which the pieces can’t be dropped, which makes removing pieces from the board sometimes uncomfortable – you have to try dropping them several times until you find a working spot.

Despite the charming art, this is not a kids game – the writing is full of funny puns and references that younger gamers probably would not understand. Also in terms of difficulty / complexity, the gameplay could prove to be a challenge for younger audiences.

With its 100 levels, it has enough content to keep you occupied for a few hours. If you get stuck, there is no hint to mark the incorrectly placed pieces, but the levels are skippable.

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