Finding Fifi

Finding Fifi

Finding Fifi is a short, minimalistic escape room game that takes place in a single location, nicely decorated with a Christmas tree, presents, snowman ornaments, candles and inhabited by a few rotund kittens. The game is simplistic but it does have its own charm: chubby cats purring at the warmth of a fireplace on a Christmas night certainly give a cozy vibe. However, as fluffy and relaxing as it may sound, I wouldn’t say that the game is trivial – on the contrary, I found it to be rather challenging.

The puzzles per-se are not difficult once you understand how they work, but the whole effort is put into discovering what they actually expect you to do. The game seems to keep things quite minimalistic, and it gives you little direction in regards to how all the elements of a puzzle combine towards a solution; during my gameplay, I often found myself wanting to have more clues at hand. A hotspot map is not available, nor a hint functionality exists in the game (with one exception for a certain auditory puzzle where a visual hint can be turned on for some additional aid), therefore if you get stuck somewhere, there is absolutely no help to push you through, apart from an official hint guide created by the developers which might or might not be explanatory enough, depending on the puzzle.

The room is split into a few regions that you can traverse through directional arrows located at the bottom of the screen. The areas that you can zoom in / interact with are highlighted and by zooming in you’ll be able to pick up items needed for puzzles or perhaps even find one of the 9 collectibles.

While the game is quite short (a relaxed gameplay without checking a guide takes around 1.5h, but it can be finished in less than 15 minutes if you know what to do), the puzzles require a certain amount of patience and determination, plus a paper and pen to write down the correspondence between images and numbers in order to calculate code combinations. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and if you prefer more logical puzzles with clear instructions then it’s possible that this is not the right game for you. On the other hand, if you derive pleasure from looking at little details and the rewarding feeling of discovering by yourself how they fit together, then you will likely enjoy the game.

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