About me

Why do I write reviews?

I remember a time when I had only a few dozen games in my Steam account. Since then, the Steam platform has had exponential growth. First with the introduction of the Steam Greenlight service in 2012, which allowed the community to vote for or against user-submitted games to be sold through Steam, and then later in June 2017 by replacing this system with Steam Direct, allowing developers to directly put their game on the Steam store for a low fee.

At the same time, the competition, in offering deals for Steam games, increased and various third-party stores started to sell bundles of Steam games for a tenth of their price or even less. As a consequence, the library of the average Steam user increased substantially, and so did mine, together with my backlog. By now I managed to amass around 40% of the titles ever published on Steam, although I probably came into contact with twice as many releases while browsing through the weekly or seasonal sales and other third-party deals.

I’ve witnessed success stories of small developer teams releasing passion projects that turned out to be hits. I’ve read sad confessions from developers whose projects failed because of a lack of funding. I’ve seen countless developers struggling with the visibility of their games. There is simply too much competition, too much choice, too many Steam releases daily.

I’ve always enjoyed writing reviews for the games I experienced, but a few years ago I had a turning point after seeing the state the Steam store had reached: a mixed bag of cheap, blatant or broken asset flips and expensive popular games, but also a lot of titles in-between these two extremes. Titles that are miniature masterpieces themselves, yet not popular enough to be propelled to the top. I started to focus my reviews on these last-mentioned games, in an attempt to support their creators, but also to help increase their visibility for other people who, like me, might sometimes feel lost in a sea of choices.

My reviews aim to provide an honest and informative take on these titles, whose stories beg to be experienced. They attempt to shed light on those hard-to-find gems of the Steam store and they seek to guide players with similar interests to select those games that are worth playing.

What kind of games do I review?

I review a wide variety of genres, but my favorite ones linger in the range of casual games. Be they story-rich games that invite you to explore fantastic worlds, visual novels that surprise you with their narrative, time management or platformers that push your limits while being adorably cute, mind-bending logic puzzles that tickle your brain, easy-going HOGs / Match3’s for a chill evening, or simply games that have a relaxing nature.

If a game is made with heart, then it has a place in my Corner. And I invite you, player, or creator to join me in this cozy space.

Who am I?

My name is Lilly.

I’ve been writing game reviews for more than 7 years and I have been running my group and curator, ☆ Lilly’s Corner ☆. Pretty much all my gaming time is used for beta testing games, creating helpful guides, or simply reviewing / recommending titles.