Duplicado is a peaceful and relaxing puzzle game very similar to the Quell series. The Quell games have sliding puzzles sliding puzzles in which the objective is to move […]


Nonozle is a minimalistic implementation of the classic Nonogram puzzle. For $4 you get 200 increasingly difficult nonograms to solve, which should keep you occupied for around 30+ […]


Threaded is a logic puzzle game about filling a grid by connecting identically numbered squares with lines that have the length indicated by the values of the linked […]

Dabado Puzzles

Dabado Puzzles is a very difficult puzzle game that takes its inspiration from the classic Tetris, but provides a completely different approach to block stacking. The objective in […]

Unlock The Cat

Do you remember the sliding blocks puzzle called Klotski (also known by its Chinese alternate name Huarong Dao)? You are given a board filled with blocks of various sizes, […]


HexiHashi is one of those logic puzzle games that have extremely simple rules but which take substantially longer to master. It’s a game about creating connections between several […]