Unlock The Cat

Do you remember the sliding blocks puzzle called Klotski (also known by its Chinese alternate name Huarong Dao)? You are given a board filled with blocks of various sizes, […]


Mutropolis is a lovely point & click adventure that stands out through its top-notch graphics, voice acting and humour. It’s a fantastic love letter to the old-school titles […]

Wave of Time

Wave of Time provides a pleasant change from the usual HOGs through its uncharacteristic theme and unconventional puzzles. Say goodbye to old chestnuts like murder investigations, creepy asylums […]


Back when I played Samorost and Machinarium, I placed Amanita Games high up on a pedestal – I really loved them. I’ve played similar other adventure games, but none of […]


HexiHashi is one of those logic puzzle games that have extremely simple rules but which take substantially longer to master. It’s a game about creating connections between several […]


Pixross is a lovely nonogram game, with straightforward gameplay and a very clean interface. While it doesn’t add anything revolutionary to the genre, its strength lies in the […]