Violet’s Party Mania

Violet’s Party Mania

Violet’s Party Mania is essentially a declutter game in which you will attempt to sequentially find specific objects in a pile of many items. It’s not a new concept – in fact there are plenty of similar games on Steam that use the same codebase, and pretty much all of them derive from the same HOG Unity asset. However, compared to the afore-mentioned games, Violet’s Party Mania brings some very cute and colorful artwork into the mix, with adorable cooking-themed icons, plus 14 Steam achievements to track your progress.

There are three difficulty modes available, the main difference between them mainly being the amount of items displayed on the screen – the higher the difficulty mode, the more objects clutter your view, making the process of finding the required items more challenging. You start a session with a timer set at ~60 seconds which is increased by 10-15 seconds every time you successfully complete a stage. When it reaches 0, the game ends, which will submit your final score to the leaderboards. While it’s quite easy to increase this timer on the first two difficulties, the hard mode will allow you to go only through 3-4 stages before the game ends, because of how obscured by the background clutter the items are. This makes them pretty hard to spot, even with a help of a hint that automatically triggers after 10 seconds of inactivity. Unfortunately, the timer cannot be turned off for a sandbox / infinite mode.

To obtain 100% completion, you’ll need to reach a cumulative 1.000.000 score in each of the three difficulty modes, which is moderately easy to achieve for the first 2 modes, but will be taking a pretty long time for the hardest difficulty. Overall you’ll end up playing a few hundred rounds, or ~5h in order to obtain all achievements, which can become quite repetitive. There are individual achievements for finding a certain amount of items from one category, but these will be unlocked naturally while you make your way up to that sweet 100%.

Overall, I’d say that Violet’s Party Mania is a cute time-filler, better to be played for a few minutes in-between activities. The first two modes could prove fun for kids as well, and perhaps even help them learn a few words (around 30) by associating them with their images.

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