So Much Stuff

So Much Stuff

I really love how simple and yet addictive So Much Stuff is. Essentially, it’s a non-narrative hidden object game (there is no story or any kind of narration), perhaps better described as a collection of mini-games. These are split into eighteen chapters of four puzzles each, with an additional eight chapters for the Collector’s Edition, totaling a bit over 100 individual levels to solve.

Each chapter has a unique theme and the levels included contain only images / items belonging to that theme. They’re quite varied, ranging from food-related themes (vegetable garden, kitchen, candy shop) to cultural ones (Ancient Japan, Greece, China, Old Mexico, Nepal, etc.), but also all sorts of other crafts such as sewing, clock working, painting, etc.

The mini-games you can encounter are:

  • Sort / Pairs – my personal favorite. The player is presented with a scene in which dozens of objects are messily thrown on top of each other, and the gameplay consists in identifying pairs of identical items to remove them from the scene. The objects are strategically arranged to not make their location extremely obvious from the start. What I love the most about it (besides the obviously beautiful graphics) is the deeply OCD-satisfying feeling of cleaning a place or rather making order in a clutter of objects, one step at a time.
  • Hidden object scenes – where you need to sequentially identify multiple objects of one type based on the name given.
  • Jigsaw puzzles – with non-standard piece shapes and cuts
  • Swap mini-games – where you swap tiles to form an image; like in the jigsaw levels, these also have peculiar shapes and cuts.
  • Differences – find the differences between two pictures.

The game can be completed in roughly 6 hours and there are no missable achievements. Some levels have collectibles split into multiple fragments, hidden behind the objects displayed in the level, but they are easy to gather as long as you clean up a level fully. So Much Stuff is overall a really relaxing and enjoyable game.

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