Sly Slime

Sly Slime

Sly Slime is a well designed puzzle game in the vein of Sokoban (or rather of Steam’s Quell series), featuring 62 very enjoyable levels. With its charming graphics and easy mechanics, it’s pretty impossible not to love it.

Sly is a little green slime that you need to slide around the map in order to collect the mushrooms that are located on specific tiles. While in Sokoban games you have to move the cubes to a certain target point, here the only movable element is the cute square-shaped slime: using the mouse you can make it slide in one of the 4 main directions so that it bounces off walls or off other cubes, until it reaches the mushroom.

The innovation that Sly Slime adds to some of the levels is a multi-layered, three-dimensional structure: you can naturally descend from the current layer to the one blow and you can climb up one layer by using certain tiles that push you back up. Furthermore, there are also specific tiles that act like switches for these elevators and these tiles must be activated a certain number of times until they reach their correct position. These few simple mechanics combine slowly into increasingly complex levels, but the difficulty always remains pretty casual. You will surely need to try some levels multiple times until you figure out the correct order of movements and sliding directions, but it’s a given that you will not get frustrated by any of these levels.

For a mere $2, I’d say that this little game is well worth the price, assuming that you don’t mind the fact that it’s quite short (around 1h, depending on your skills) and that it might leave you wanting for more levels. It comes with a very nice soundtrack and Steam achievements triggered for each level.

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