Pixross is a lovely nonogram game, with straightforward gameplay and a very clean interface. While it doesn’t add anything revolutionary to the genre, its strength lies in the high degree of customization that one can apply to a puzzle.

There are currently more than 150 levels belonging to different categories, each of them revealing a cute and colourful pixel art animation of the object represented by the puzzle when completed. On top of that, you can also generate any amount of random puzzles (obviously with a random shape), which increases the replayability a lot.

The levels are all fairy easy, they can be solved in a matter of seconds to minutes, and even the more complex ones (having a 15×15 grid) will take you less than 10 minutes to solve. However, each of them can be customized according to your preferences, both in terms of visuals but also in terms of gameplay. The visual styles are unlocked by buying a random drop with the coins gathered from solving levels, in a “lootbox” manner.

There are various challenges that you can apply in order to increase the difficulty. For example you can choose to fail the level at your first mistake, or you can have some of the clues hidden under rocks or disappearing over time in order to push yourself to solve it efficiently and focused. In terms of styling, you can change not only the background or the grid pattern, but also the tiles (and if you’re really serious about it, I dare you to set the same pattern for the tile and for the empty mark 😅). There are also some top-level settings that you can play with, as per your liking: you can turn timers on / off, allow yourself more or less mistakes, reduce the information that one can get through the row / column hints etc.

All-in-all, Pixross’s flexibility in terms of difficulty and graphics makes it suitable for a wide range of players that love nonogram games.

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