Anime vs Evil: Apocalypse

Anime vs Evil: Apocalypse

Anime vs Evil: Apocalypse is a third person shooter can easily provide a few hours of dumb fun if you’re into shooting hordes of zombies with an anime girl while having infinite ammo. There are three different gameplay modes to choose from, and each of these can be played on easy / normal or hard difficulty.

The game is rather simplistic / uncomplicated but that’s perhaps its strongest point: you don’t have to think about what to upgrade or how to optimize things since there is no skill tree mechanic involved, nor weapon customizations. You just let your instincts take control of your fingers and brainlessly shoot everything on sight, which for a lot of people is a great recipe for destressing.

In Story Mode, you have certain objectives to complete, and you can pick up additional ones that require you to kill a certain amount of enemies under a time limit. With the cash earned from these side missions and from what drops from the enemies you can buy new weapons, healing packs, special bullets, or cosmetics for your characters. Weapons need to be bought only once so that you can use them in further levels / game modes, all you have to do is visit a shop and re-equip it. The Story mode is the only way to unlock new girls and is also the only game mode that features mini-cutscenes at the beginning and at the end of each of the four levels that are sequentially unlocked.

The Free Mode offers a very similar experience to the Story mode, with the difference that completing the main objectives is not required and getting to the end of the level will neither unlock a girl, nor the next level; there are also no cutscenes. The third and last mode available is Survival, in which you just fight waves of enemies that come towards you. The optional side objectives that are present in all three game modes usually unlock codes for containers with weapon loot and award money. Going through the story levels and reaching wave 15 in Survival mode, plus grinding a bit for the money required to buy all weapons should award you all the achievements.

While the Story Mode alone can be finished in around 2-3h (depending on your skills and on the difficulty you play), the game has a certain degree of replayability through the other two modes. Overall, it’s an OK game, unfortunately priced too high for what it’s worth. The free hentai DLC adds naked skins to your characters and and two separate erotic scenes in which you can move the girls in various intercourse positions.

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