Clean The Sea!

Clean The Sea!

Clean The Sea! is a short and very casual sandbox game in which you navigate a ship to collect floating macro-waste and debris, then dump the cargo at a nearby drop point where you can exchange it for money. With the money earned, you can expand the area that needs to be cleaned and eventually move to a new location, upgrade your ship by increasing its speed or the garbage capacity that you can scoop in one go, or hire workers that will automatically help you pick up individual trash items.

It’s a relaxing game with very simple mechanics, albeit a tad repetitive. It has infinite replayability, as new waste items keep being generated in the already cleaned areas. This happens at a very slow rate though, slowly enough to not make it seem like your cleaning efforts are futile, but fast enough to allow picking all of them up in one trip around the zone.

As you collect the garbage from the surface of the water, the pollution slowly starts to disperse and the aquatic life gradually comes back to inhabit the clean area: you can see fish swimming, turtles and penguins playing in the water. As soon as most of the areas from the current location are clean, you’ll be able to travel to a new one. In its current form, the game offers four different locations of around 8 zones each, with more locations planned to be added in the future.

While it’s by all means not a deep game and can’t be compared in quality with similarly-themed games like Loddlenaut, it can prove to be a cute distraction for one hour or so. It also has the advantage of raising environmental awareness in a way that appeals to both younger and older audiences. It offers 18 easy achievements which are unlocked naturally as you play through the game and clean the areas one by one (currently, it takes roughly 30-35 minutes to obtain all of them).

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